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Why Purchase an Oil Furnace from Watts?

Oil ranks among Oregon's most popular heating options because it rapidly and efficiently delivers abundant warmth. People often find that oil furnaces heat both residential & commercial structures more evenly than competing systems and ensure a high level of safety while enabling owners to carefully control heating expenses.


Although users and suppliers must exercise caution to prevent spills, oil provides a comparatively safe option. This fuel won't explode if a flame ignites it. Unlike natural gas leaks, spills are visible and seldom catch fire. Furthermore, these furnaces rarely leak carbon monoxide, so you won't need to constantly watch for overheating or worry about creosote deposits.


Some fuels only come from a single supplier. On the other hand, oil companies compete to advertise the lowest prices. Many firms offer caps or fixed-rate programs. Rather than paying the current rate at all times, you can choose to fill your tank when prices drop.


Watts Heating and Cooling carries an assortment of Bryant furnaces. This manufacturer is known for its well-made products and long-term warranties. It usually guarantees most parts for an entire decade. The furnaces come in sizes that suit many different homes and businesses. Most of our oil furnace models feature space-saving designs, insulated cabinets and blowers with multiple speeds. They also contain efficient burners that reduce their environmental impact and cut fuel costs. Many models have efficiency ratings ranging from 82 to 86 percent. Units with Riello burners generally consume the least fuel.


If you can't afford to pay for an oil furnace in full, it's not a problem with our financing options. Watts works with Banner Bank and Synchrony Financial, a company created by General Electric over eight decades ago. This reputable lender provides our customers with highly affordable loans. Watts Heating and Cooling is a licensed, factory-authorized Bryant dealer. We guarantee full satisfaction on every furnace installation. Rather than taking shortcuts, our certified technicians take the time to maximize the safety and dependability of each heating system. We serve residents of Portland, Gresham, Clackamas, Gladstone and neighboring cities. Please contact us for a quote or further details.

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